Serrapeptase Improves Carotid Artery Disease

Dr. Hans Napier, a German physician and research scientist, observed that his heart patients improved when administered Serrapeptase by preventing heart attacks and cardiovascular disease. Serrapeptase, discovered in the 1960’s, was extracted from the gut of silkworms. In nature, when it is time for a silkworm to leave the cocoon, this enzyme
dissolves a hole in the cocoon to free the butterfly. Visit for more details.

Scientists soon realized the this enzyme has the ability to dissolve dead protein without harm to living tissue. With coronary artery disease, the plaque builds up in the arteries. Over time the blood flow is reduced, elevating blood pressure and the heart must work harder for the blood to pass through the narrow arteries eventually resulting in a heart attack.

Some patients resort to costly heart surgery, but others especially in Germany and Asia use Serrapeptase to remove the existing deposits. Although Serrapeptase works rapidly to reduce inflammation, clearing blocked arteries is another matter. Dr. Hans Nieper
noted to clear major obstructions in arteries, it can take up to eighteen months of treatment. Therefore, it is important to consult with your health care provider to determine if Serrapeptase is the right choice for your condition. Click here to visit the facebook page.